Hey P-Box, thank you for joining us for an interview today. I recently seen your videos over at GTR and I really enjoyed them.  Here at we are all about spotlighting creativity in the community. Your band ‘The Xbox Boys’ fits right in with what we are trying to push on this site. We enjoy promoting our favorite system through various forms of entertainment.

First of all can you tell us a bit about yourself, who is P-Box?

I am a 35 year old gamer that currently lives in Seattle. I was raised in the far north and moved here about 8 years ago, but I have often times been in Seattle over the course of my life.

I like to write songs, but mostly I like to play xbox live.

So what is the mystical story behind The Xbox Boys?

Nothing to write about really. I know this will sound stupid but its all in the comic strip. We all had a dream and actually did indeed bump into one another at “redmond woods”. We all realized that we had a different ages and we were all “Geeks”. We started to rehearse together and out of that came some songs. We had $25,000 cash from an old man that believes in us. We began to think about how to spend the money and we agreed the best way was to do two music videos and write three songs total.

We are just rolling with it man. Our third song released on myspace/thexboxboys today is a song about Rainbow Six. We know of a guy that lives in Redmond who was famous in Bosnia for his guitar playing. He was a NATO soldier. We borrowed this beat up 6 string just to track the song with. This guy used to play to his soldier buddies in the field. The fret board had blood on it. It was in horrible condition but we used it for the song Rainbow Six-Vegas.

People think this is a Microsoft stunt. Its not. We are the real thing.

How are all the band members related in real life?

We never knew each other until Grandfather introduced us all. We bumped into each other in Redmond. We know it was meant to be because each one of us played an instrument.

How long did it take to produce the 2 songs and videos you guys have released?

We did it in 19 days! Flat out! When we were shooting “X Box Live” we actually leased a stage from Neumos in Capital Hill. When we were shooting the video the bar’s doors were open and about 200 people actually walked in and were jamming to the music. I think thats when we knew something was happening.

Can you give us a hint to what your next single will be?

We just released Rainbow Six-Vegas, but our next one is a song about Halo. Everyone is bugging us about Halo. Halo this and Halo that. So we all went and purchased the game and we are getting into it. Out of that will come a song. is a very nice looking website, who is behind the design?

The design is done by a fan in India. He is in Bombay and loves our music and gave us the site. Its still in creation. We have to add another 4 pages to the comic still.

What is the bands long term goal?

Our goal is simple. We want to be endorsed by Microsoft. We want to do shows, sell merchandise, and just be the face of Xbox 360. We are flat broke. If you look at the finances we went through all of the money already. We are running on my CC.

Have you thought about getting into the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle to perform?

No, but we would love too.

What Xbox 360 games do you guys tend to play the most?

Right now P-Box (me) and Beat-Box are really into Gears of War. We are stuck on beating Raam on insane. I have tried it 50 times and NOTHING. I cant do it! That is why we wrote the song! B-Box is totally into Halo now. D-Box is into Rainbow six.

Which band member is the best at Gears of War?

Probably me. Only because I play it for hours and hours.

What do your wives and girlfriends think of all this?

HAHAHA. Well, thats uh….a sore subject. Ummm. P-Box and Beat-Box are married and our wives are like scratching their heads. They don’t get it. They were impressed however that we have received so many downloads! B-Box had a girlfriend who is totally jealous because of the fact that we drove the X Box HUMMER through Bell Square yesterday and about 100 chicks starting swarming into the car and she did not dig that but I’ve noticed that she has been real nice lately! D-Box is digging all of this because he is single!

Do you have any last words or shout outs?

I pray that somehow, someway, some night very soon Bill Gates will log into our site and realize that he needs us. I hope that key executives over there will see us performing shows, selling merchandise, and just being the face of what is the greatest gaming console in the universe around the world. We want this badly.

Thanks, P-Box

Thank you for doing this short interview with us. The Xbox community is already loving what you guys have done. Keep up the good work.

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