Rock music, has always been inspired by lust, or, failing that, love.  Especially in the early days of the genre– say, from Elvis’ “Fools Rush In” up through Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”.  Well, The X Box Boys are no different.  They love the XBox, and it shows in their music.  This is a band that records power pop paeans to their favorite games while wearing polychromatic fluorescent face paint.

With anthemic melodies and tight chord changes no doubt honed from hours of Guitar Hero, the X Box Boys manage to channel– through their callused but dexterous fingers–the quirky, caffeine-buzzing-teens-in-a-basement sound of Jimmy Eat World or OK Go.   And much like their influences, this Seattle band plays a quirky, not-so-self-important musical style while remaining unabashedly proud to preach the power of their vaunted game consul.  And much like Ally Sheedy’s Cap’n Crunch and Pixie Stix sandwich in “The Breakfast Club”, the Xbox Boys’ tunes are unapologetically sticky-sweet.

An emo vein of neo-power pop played out with musical enthusiasm of quicksilver thumbed gamers, the bands first two songs pave the way for an exciting new genre of fanboy fanaticism blended with aspirational redemptive themes of unadulterated joy, spiritual completion and full blast fantasy escapism. They’ve even managed to record a couple of videos in between marathon Grand Theft Auto sessions.   So, if you like high-energy, couch-jumping music– and the thought of beta-testing Halo 3 makes you come in your pants– then give the X Box Boys a listen.      Aesthetically the X Box Boys are a 21st Century gamer manifestation of the original Fab Four.  Unlike those cheeky Brits, these boys seem more interested in the celebration and the proselytization of one thing, the Xbox as a complete lifestyle experience.  The logo of the consul is a glowing lime green orb, split in a cross of radiant ivory light; the cross is central in its symbolism.  The Xbox Boys approach their music not as a distraction, but as a missionary quest, to spread the good word and good times of passionate X Box gaming to the masses.

As commercialism becomes entertainment, and Geico ads become television programs, it is with the X Box Boys an important confluence of advertisement and art, culture and consumerism.  As the band continues to build its international fan base, connecting with fellow apostles the world over, it will be interesting to witness that as these boys become huge in Japan, will Microsoft be huge with them?  Will the company responsible for spawning this uber fanboy enthusiasm be willing and able to harness what can only be described as a Microsoft PR agent’s happiest of dreams?  Excitement builds, conversions continue and the world waits to see if Microsoft baptizes the X Box Boys, or if in fact, the christening will come from the band itself.  Either way, it’s Geek Chic with an addictive beat, and we’re all sure to enjoy the ride.