Four geeks from the eastside of Seattle, known as the X Box Boys, are creating quite the stir in video gaming circles across the globe. The new fab four are churning up all over gaming sites with their two songs uplifting the X Box 360 and one of the X Box 360 games known as “Gears of War”. Their website has been up for less than three weeks and they are pulling download numbers that are mind boggling.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 5, 2007 — A rock band from the east side of Seattle is pulling download numbers that record labels love to see. Their website has been up for less than three weeks and they are pulling download numbers that are mind boggling. The problem: they are not signed to any record label and they could care less if they ever do get signed.

As a matter of fact, according to the fab four’s website located at ( they only want one company to represent them, and that company is Microsoft.

In what can only be seen as an extreme love for Microsoft’s game console X box 360, four Seattle geeks have done what no one before them has ever done: create a unique one-of-a-kind idea to win an endorsement contract from Microsoft.

The good news? They did it without any bling. No girls wagging, no gold chains, no raunchy lyrics and not one mention of drugs or sex. They are just four regular guys doing something unique and original.

According to their website, they were brought together by a dream that led all four of them to a place near the Microsoft campus known as Redmond Woods at noon. When the four arrived, they were greeted by an old man known as “Grandfather” who pleads with them to follow their destiny and become The X Box Boys.

A comic strip located on the four’s website takes readers on a colorful journey and readers can actually become engrossed as they see grandfather digging up what looks like the Microsoft 360 ORB and holding it to the sky, directing it to find the four that will “Uphold gaming integrity and the light in the world of gaming”. With further research, one finds the “Scroll’s of Orb”, which seem to have been around since the time of Moses, and also the “Orb” itself, which each one of the X Box Boys seem to be responsible for.

With only one goal in mind and with ages ranging from 17 to 35, the X Box Boys have taken the gaming industry by storm with record download numbers coming in from as far away as India, China, Mexico and South America.

Some of the videos are being downloaded on the popular site YouTube and it is hard to tell the correct download numbers as the video is everywhere. One particular release located at YouTube ( has nothing but praise for the green men.

Success does not come without the naysayer crowd, however. The racy website, known for its ridiculous blog entries, was quick to jump on the boys’ success and took it upon themselves to do a feature piece on the X Box Boys, exposing their actual identities before the boys ever launched the completed version of their website. also felt the need to mention the fact that each one of the boys are Christians.

Regardless of the naysayer bunch at, and the replies the blog is getting, the songs have nothing to do with converting people to anything other than X Box 360.

The first song the band released, “X Box Live”, is shredding it up and the band recently backed it up with another music video called “Kill Raam”. The popular video game Gears of War has a bad guy that is almost impossible to beat on the game setting insane.

A message written to Microsoft on the band’s website kindly asks for an endorsement, and according to the band’s lead singer, P-Box, they have yet to hear from Mr. Bill.

Whether the band ever gets its wish and wins an endorsement is anyone’s guess, but in the meantime, gaming fans are downloading the videos “X Box Live” and “Kill Raam” in record numbers and that can’t be harming Microsoft.

Let’s face it, free advertising is sometimes the best advertising.

Tim Solomon – Gamers Unite

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