The Ex Box Boys made quite a scene in downtown Kirkland today as they posed for pictures during a photo shoot. Onlookers took photos and even asked for autographs from the four as they strolled through downtown Kirkland, Washington with cameramen in tow snapping away. A small crowd of maybe 30 people organized and took photos.

P-Box stopped to talk to some fans, while Beat-Box and B-Box took photos on Kirkland Avenue. Most of the people in Kirkland just wanted to get a photo of one of the boys holding babies, or standing near couples. Some Microsoft employees even strolled out to shake hands and just sit there and smile.

The green four eventually ended up eating at Mamma Lucia’s Italian dinner, which is also the secret lunch hang out of many of the Bungie crew.

P-Box described over lunch just how much time and effort goes into being The Ex Box Boys.

“Basically you get the call from Grandfather and you have to decide if you’re going to go for it or not. We all had no idea who each of us was until we met that day and now we are just trying to follow the scrolls to the T and make sure that the final prophecy is fulfilled”.