Born and raised in the far north of the Yukon and Alaska, P-Box spent his youth working on fishing boats on the Bering sea and working as a wilderness guide. Although P-Box is not native, he was raised in a small native community 200 miles north of the arctic circle. He likes to be alone and spends allot of time in Seattle coffee shops writing music.

P-Box is the oldest and wisest of all of The Ex Box Boys and The Ex Box Boys look up to P-Box as a older brother and leader. P-Box was reluctant to become a member of The Ex Box Boys and did so only at the insistence of Grandfather. As a matter of fact his last dying words were “lead them”.

Because of this single fact, The Ex-Box Boys would lay down their lives for P-Box. Handpicked by Grandfather for his extraordinary songwriting capabilities and knowledge of gaming, P-Box is an important member of The Ex-Box Boys. P-Box and D-Box are often the songwriters of The Ex Box Boys songs while Beat-Box and B-Box help make the songs stronger. P-Box giftings are his ability to write songs and his gaming knowledge which is why he was picked by Grandfather to lead The Ex Box Boys. He is the only one of The Ex Box Boys that has the power to still receive dreams from Grandfather, and the Orb, which in addition to his other giftings, make him such an important member of The Ex Box Boys.

D-Box was born in Bellevue Washington, close to Redmond woods, but was raised in a small family farm in North Bend, Washington. Working as a rancher during his youth, D-Box enjoyed riding horses and working in the stables as a stable boy. D-Box loves animals and has two cats and two dogs.

D-Box also lived in Australia for a year when he was 17 to study.
Starting at the young age of 5 playing bass, D-Box also studied classical guitar and piano for many years, which is why he D-Box is such a good bass player and composer. D-Box often collaborates with P-Box on songs that The Ex Box Boys perform and record and is always coming up with new song ideas. Between D-Box and P-Box The Ex Box Boys always have enough song ideas.
Grandfather entrusted D-Box with 1/4 control over the Orb because of D-Box’s honestly and integrity. This is a very powerful gifting. Because of D-Box’s honest and caring nature, he is often consulted by other X-Box Boys when there is an issue or problem that one of the boys might face. In addition to being the bands bass player, D-Box is loved by the other band members because of his outstanding integrity. Without D-Box we would not function correctly. D-Box’s talents on bass, and his honesty have made him an important member of The Ex Box Boys. This is why Grandfather gave him to us.



Beat Box was raised in Stockton, California and is the former drummer for Vandetta Red. Currently living in Seattle, Washington. Beat spends his time writing and rehearsing with the ex box boys and performing. He voice can be heard as the back up vocals on “Cortana” and his drumming skills can be heard on “Welcome to America”. Beat is also an amazing songwriter as well as an amazing drummer.

When he is away from the rehearsal studio, ,Beat spends his time playing Call of Duty 4 and World War.


Born and raised in Bellevue, Washington B-Box is the youngest of The Ex Box Boys and was chosen by Grandfather because of his extraordinary playing abilities and giftings. B-Box has a younger brother and while not hanging out at the Boxcave with the other The Ex Box Boys, D-Box spends allot of his time at home with his family.

A lover of burritos and Peach green bubble tea, B-Box spends spends allot of his time on his guitar improving his skills and always learning B-Box’s gifting is his ability to reach out to people in his age group, and uphold the light of the Orb. Often consulted by other The Ex Box Boys, B-Box has learned that integrity in gaming is very important if the light of the Orb is to be upheld and survive.