Thank you for your interest to book The Ex Box Boys” for a show and or a concert. The Ex Box Boys are a sell-out, and this is remarkable due to the fact that they have never released their music in the US yet, so they have been performing mostly overseas in Japan and China and Thailand where they are immensely popular. They do plan a US tour in the summer of 2010. Until then, they have been playing venues overseas where the average audience attendance is between 4000 and 18,000.

The Boys have been in the studio finishing their album “Chronicles of the Orb” and are almost ready to go.  If you wish The Ex Box Boys to do a show, and or you wish to promote a show in your overseas destination, please email Tim for information. Typically the boys travel with a staff of 10, including band members, and require a large stage to set up on. They use only the best lighting designers and sound designers in the business, and they put on quite a show filled with video game footage, and most of all good music.  They require one 8 hour day to prepare for the show and set up the stage.  The boys love to play, and offer a HUGE discount for gaming conventions and or gaming firms.

Depending on the situation, The Ex Box Boys would like to hear from you.

Please email