A song about the hottie in CONAN the Barbarian.

According to the manufacturer, her name is Adia and she is the first one that he saves. We vamped it up a little and started to get more punchy with this one. P-Box lets it all go. I just could not get away from the way she was looking at Conan.

Getting Close To You

If any of you have ever played Conan, It’s full of great looking babes. I actually fell in Love with one of them, the one that is sitting that he rescues. I don’t know what her name is but we ran into the studo at Robert Lang and tracked this song about this girl. If any of you knows who she is, please let us know! I hope you like the song, Beat-Box and I cranked it out in 8 days and now I can’t get it out of my head!

Welcome To America

This is a dance beat we wrote about the popular game Grand Theft Auto. I thought the story line was really cool and I felt sorry for Niko in a way. I mean he shows up and there is no mansion. The other Ex Box Boys were out of town so this one I can claim for myself.  I hope you like it. We tracked it at Bear Creek in Woodinville, Washington and I was trying to break out of my style a little bit.

Calling You Up

This song we wrote about a game that I am absolutely addicted too. It’s called Braid. I just got the game a few days ago and we ran into Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline and tracked what I think is out best song. I thought the story line was really cool and the game is filled with little puzzles and he needs to save the princess. Perfect back-drop for a love/pop song. We spent a lot of time on this one and I hope that you like it.

Master Chief

A song about the main character in Bungie’s best seller Halo Three

Tracked at the world famous Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, Washington we used Platinum and Gold recording producer Justin Armstrong to iron out the track with us in October of 2007. Master chief took a total of 7 days in the studio using many well known engineers and producers. We were hoping that Bungie would use the song in the upcoming movie about Master chief, but a week after we released the song Bungie ran a song contest and picked another winner.  We thank all of the thousands of emails we have received from Halo three fans worldwide upset about Bungies decision, but we need to support the winner!


This is a love song we wrote from the perspective of master chief. It’s about Cortana, a woman that he deeply loves, but cannot have. He cannot have her because she is a hologram. In image only. I felt that this was sad in a way so I dedicated a whole week at Bear Creek Studios In Woodinville, Washington. It was during the time when M$ was kicking us to the curb, so it’s a  haunting melody, but I feel its the best song the producer Justin Armstrong and I wrote.

XBox Live

Our very first song we recorded on pocket change in Christmas of 2007.

We wanted to write a poppy song to uplift the X Box so we booked time at Blash studios and spent all the money we had at the time which was about 1000.00. bucks. It by far has received the most downloads of all of our songs totaling over a million, with most coming from as far away
as China.

Call Of Duty

A soldiers song about the popular game Call of Duty 4

Tracked at Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, Washington we went in with a mission to write the best song we have ever written. D-box actually wrote the melody line and a good friend Jesse Mccraken helped me with the lyrics.

If you are an active member of the military, please email info@thexboxboys.com and provide for us your ID number and we will email you a free copy of this. The Boys would like to thank you for your service to this country. Without you, we would not have the freedoms that we take for granted.

Only You

A song wrote by P-Box for Jamael.

We were practicing in the studio trying to get a good tone for the guitar and we told P-Box to just keep playing. After about an hour or so, the producer caught this song without any editing of any kind.

Rock Band

A song about the popular game “rock band”.

We were watching Saturday Night live and saw the old cowbell clip and D-Box and I (P-Box) agreed to write a song about “rock band” and we insisted that it had cowbell in it, and it does! I hope you enjoy this song. We spent only a few days tracking the song in the studio.

Kill Raam

A song about Raam, the bad guy at the end of Gears of War.

This is the second song we tracked. After the success of X Box Live, we needed another tune and fast. At the time we were all playing  Gears of War and the most frustrating thing about this game is that I could not beat Raam on the “insane” setting. I tried it like 50 times. When I said that B-Box sang “I tried it 50 times”. We all ran down to the studio and spent another 1200.00 on tracking “kill ramm”. We hope you like it.