For The Ex Box Boys it all started with grandfather and the dream he gave us. It was Grandfather’s dream that led each of us to a field known as “Redmond woods”. It was then that Grandfather revealed to each of us the Orb of light, why we were picked, and we were each given a choice to be the last “Keepers of the Orb”. We could have easily walked away. But we were picked by Grandfather to fulfill the last few Prophecies of the Orb which were written thousands of years ago. But that’s not the whole story…

We learned that the Orb of light has been in existence long before the game console was ever invented. As a matter of fact, no one really knows how long the Orb has been around. Grandfather revealed to us, before his death and accent into the limelight, the history of the Orb.



The Orb, along with 12 parchment scrolls, knows as The “Scrolls of Orb” were first found a long, long time ago in a very deep cavern (somewhere near the Aztecan ruins in Mexico) by shepherd boy in the year 1289 BC. This is the first recorded history of the Orb (that we know of) and it’s where our story begins.
It is said that when the Sheppard touched the Orb, he fell into a deep sleep. During his slumber, the Orb gave him a dream to take the Orb to then Prince Actullia at the temple of Light.

Found alongside the Orb, rolled in soft lambskin, were 12 ancient scrolls. These Scrolls over time through the centuries became known as the “Scrolls of Orb”. The Scrolls are written in an ancient language that even the most studied history scientists of our time cannot decipher.

The Ex Box Boys found out through Grandfather, the last Keeper of the Orb, that when the Orb is touched by its keeper, or keepers, it emits a green pale light. When this light reflects onto the Scrolls, the words on the Scrolls turn into images that can be watched much like modern day television.

No one, except for the boys, knows what images and stories that exist on the ancient scrolls because the only people that can make the Orb emit the light are the “Keepers of the Orb”. Up until Grandfathers death, only one soul watched over the Orb until death where it would be handed down to another. This was the way of the Orb until recently.

We can tell you that one of the Scrolls provides images of Grandfather with the four of us, and it told Grandfather to split the power of the Orb up amongst four who would possess gaming skill, integrity, and honesty. We also know that this is the most important time for the Orb because it is close to fulfilling the last few prophecies of the Orb.

How the Orb or whoever made it knew about Grandfather and about us thousands of years before we were even born is still a mystery, even to us.

Other than the Orb, the most protected possession of the Ex Box Boys are the Scrolls of Orb, which are kept under lock and key and 24 hour security at the Box Cave. No one knows the whereabouts of the Box Cave accept the EX Box Boys.

No one knows the author of the scrolls of Orb, or the maker of the Orb.

We only know that the Orb reveals its intentions through dreams, and the only ones that can receive these dreams are the Keepers of the Orb. Many of the past “Keepers of the Orb” have documented their Orb dreams and have attached them to the Scrolls and passed them down through the centuries from Keeper to Keeper.

These ancient writings are knows as the “Dream Scrolls”. Some date past 1310 B.C.

Since Grandfather passed on his Keepership to the EX Box Boys at the time of his death, only P-Box, and only when the other four members are touching the Orb at the same exact time, are the dreams revealed to him.

When P-Box gets begins to feel drained he knows the Orb is calling. Once a dream is received, it is quickly written down and added to the “Dream Scrolls”.

When the Orb light is reflected onto the Scrolls, “The Scrolls of Orb” reveal many things that have come to pass, including the names and dates of death of each one of the “Keepers of the Orb” from the earliest date of 1301 B.C when Price Actullia Hemelia, the first keeper of the Orb died after receiving the Orb from a Sheppard.

King Actullia then passed it onto a High Priestess known as Shemaina. She was young and very beautiful and the King picked her because of her honesty and steadfast dedication to the light. She too died and passed it on. The Scrolls of Orb and the Orb of light were then passed down through time until they eventually came into the hands of William Henry Gates who hid the Orb in Bremerton, Washington for 34 years until his death in 1969. Before his death, William passed the Orb to Grandfather, the last full “Keeper of the Orb”.

With instructions written thousands of years ago, and preserved in the Scrolls of Orb, Grandfathers mission was to fulfill the final missions of the Orb here on Earth.


  1.  Hide the Orb by burying it in “Redmond Woods” until the four were found to fulfill the final prophecy.
  2. Provide the idea of the game console to executives so that a gaming console that far surpassed anything ever designed was built.
  3. Pick four individuals that possessed honesty, integrity, and giftings to fulfill the final and most important prophecy of the Orb.

Grandfather worked hard. He first buried the Orb in “Redmond Woods” just as he was told too. Grandfather knew that the Orb would be safe on Campus because of Security, and it was.

His second task was more difficult; he had to use the Orb to project dreams into key executives . How the Orb knew these things thousands of years ago is a mystery that will only be revealed when the final prophecy is fulfilled.

Night after night Grandfather would allow the Orb to fill him with light, which he would then, using the power of the Orb, project into the sleeping minds of key people. It took many years, but soon the destiny of the Orb began to unfold just as it was written thousands of years ago. When Grandfather learned that there was indeed a gaming console being built he was filled with faith and very pleased. He was happy to learn that they also used the same look and colors of the Orb, and an image of the Orb as its main button on the gaming console.

Having accomplished the first two tasks, he eagerly began to fill the third task, which was to find four individuals who would represent different age groups and different gaming styles and interests. According to the Scrolls, each boy had to have powers that could be used for good. To make sure that the four boys would complete their tasks, he had to do something that had never been done ever during the history of the Orb; he had to break up the Orb’s power into four sections. By doing this, it fulfilled one of the ancient prophecies. Giving each one of the boys equal access to the power of the Orb was not easy for Grandfather, but it had to be done. Only when all four are touching the Orb, would it reveal instructions, and only through P-Box.

This was done to make sure that not one EX Box Boy could wield the full power of the Orb, and was also the assurance that Grandfather needed to know that The Ex Box Boys could never be replaced, or break apart until the final prophecy or the Orb is completed. When Grandfather picked the four EX Box Boys, they had no idea that they were would be the final “Keepers of the Orb”. They were allowed to read one chapter in the “Scrolls of Orb”. Grandfather touched the Orb for the last time, and as its light reflected across the green grass of the Microsoft campus and the scroll, the following commands were heard in the cold still air. Sounding like a thousand horns all at once, but also as quite as a single violin note. The voice said: “To you four who stand before me, the new “Keepers of the Orb”. Please uphold and follow the following laws and become an example to all.


Please uphold and follow the following laws and become an example to all.